Constraining timing of brittle deformation and fault gouge formation in the Sydney Basin

MBT Figures 1 and 2 is a chain of steeply inclined thrusts which divide the outer Himalayan Siwalik belt from the new, mature, recently rejuvenated Lesser Himalaya 9. New dating provided by Valdiya 9 indicate neotectonic activity along MBT. Nainital Fault and Sleepy Hollow Fault. The Nainital Fault Figure 2 is a normal fault that divides the deformed synclinal Nainital Massif into two parts. The Naini Alps was uplifted along the Nainital. Figure 3. Tectonic map around Dehradun indicating the sampling locations. Fault relative to the Deopatta Peak in the south This vertical movement is archived to be rotational history-slip and strike-slip and caused blocking of a stream, thus forming the Alps Zealand 8. Displacement of river terraces and fans, abandonment of structural channels, reversal and blocking of drainage are new indicators of neotectonism Recent landslides and rockfalls including the and events have reduced the dimension of the lake. The Complex Hollow Fault is antithetic to the Nainital Fault and is defined by vertical scarps and a straight new slope demarcating Sleepy Hollow Presence of scarps, slickenslides in the fault zone, dating and warping of rocks and new histories indicate neotectonism.

Fault gouge dating in the Southern Appalachians, USA

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ESR Dating of SiO, from Fault Gouge ESR Dating of Quartz Several attempts to use ESR signals in SiO2 for dating were made after the proposal of.

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Geological faults are fractures in the Earth’s crust along which there has been some displacement, and are thus zones of weakness which are of importance in planning civil engineering projects, constructing underground caverns and conducting earthquake research. To assess the potential for future displacements and fluid circulation along faults it is helpful to establish the age of the latest episode of mineral growth in fault zones; however, there have been few attempts to date recrystallized and newly grown minerals developed in fault zones at low temperature 1—4.

Here we report K—Ar and Rb—Sr ages for clay fractions from two fault zones in the Eastern Alps, and compare them with ages of the same fine fractions from the undeformed host rock. The results suggest that the bulk of the clays along these faults were formed during early Cretaceous and Tertiary times, respectively. No major displacements seem to have taken place in recent times.

Microstructurally-constrained versus bulk fault gouge K-Ar dating

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JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Editorial: Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd. Resumen The Argentine broken foreland has been the subject of continuous research to determine the uplift andexhumation history of the region. In the Sierra de Ambato northern Argentine brokenforeland the reverse faults offset Neogene sedimentary rocks Aconquija Fm. In order toestablish a chronology of these faults affecting the previous continuous basin we date the formation ageof clay minerals associated with fault gouge using the KeAr dating technique.

According to our data, theNeogene reactivation would not have affected the KeAr system neither generated a significant clayminerals crystallization in the fault gouge, although an exhumation of more than 2 Km is recorded in thisperiod from stratigraphic data. Ver el registro completo. Archivos asociados. Formato: PDF. EN CS. Visualizaciones: 52 Descargas: 1. Enviar por e-mail. Destinatario: Separar cada destinatario hasta 5 con punto y coma.

Geological fault and ESR -Approach using ESR dating method-

The ages of fault events of active faults have been estimated using electron spin resonance ESR signals of siliceous gouges. This technique of ESR method is limited by obtaining only ages that are greater than tens of millennia. So this study focuses on developing a new technique of using calcareous gouges to gain an insight into the ages of latest seismogenic event within the Holocene. For the first time, signal B of the ESR method has been used to estimate the age of the Ushikubi fault from calcareous gouge.

The occurrence of synkinematic and authigenic clay minerals is a common feature in fault gouges. Few attempts have been made to date fault.

In this paper, in order to confirm the strong activity of the Yaziba Fault and provide information needed for disaster prevention and mitigation and safety of the reservoir, we use field investigations and remote sensing interpretations to obtain the geometry of the Yaziba Fault and the distribution of the associated nearby landslides. Several new events are dated, and the paleo earthquake events in the fault area and their time intervals are analyzed along with previously dated events.

Then, a typical landslide case is analyzed, and its instability is determined using the limit equilibrium method. Earthquakes in mountainous areas and the landslides they trigger pose a significant risk to human life and property [ 1 — 4 ]. For example, i in , an M 7. Therefore, the medium-long-term prediction of earthquakes is of great significance to disaster prevention and reduction in mountainous areas. Fault activity evaluation is the most important basis for the medium-long-term prediction of earthquakes.

Most research methods use the deep geophysical field [ 8 ] and the geometric characteristics of fault, including the length of the surface rupture, the fault offset [ 9 ], the timing of fault activity [ 10 ], and surface deformation [ 11 ], to qualitatively evaluate the fault. Some scholars have tried to identify quantitative indicators and make quantitative evaluations using probability theory [ 12 , 13 ]. Two important indicators of fault activity are intensity, which is estimated from the magnitude of the earthquake, and frequency, which is determined from the timing of fault activity.

The activity intensity is usually calculated based on historical seismic records [ 14 , 15 ], but it can also be analyzed from seismic traces, e. These seismic traces are used to calculate the seismic peak acceleration, which is used to determine the possible seismic fault events and their magnitudes as well as tectonic environment of the site [ 18 , 20 — 22 ].

The timing of fault activity is mainly obtained through various dating methods, such as the direct testing of fault gouges in the fault zone [ 10 , 23 ] or the indirect testing of earthquake artifacts. Frequently used earthquake artifacts include ancient landslides [ 24 , 25 ] and sediments from barrier lakes [ 26 , 27 ].

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Skip to content. Dating fault gouge. Dating fault gouge Quick to comprehend the poorly consolidated fault movement in. Whatever marie antoinette’s faults are abundant in the premise that fault gouge using electron center as a fault lines along coastlines.

Host: The Geological Society of Japan. Name: The rd Annual Meeting(‘ Tokyo). Number: Location: [in Japanese]. Date: September 10,

Help Contact us. Kemp, Simon J. Diarmad G. Clay Minerals , 54 2. Temporary excavations during the construction of the Glendoe Hydro Scheme above Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland exposed a clay-rich fault gouge in Dalradian Supergroup psammite. The gouge coincides with the mapped trace of the subvertical Sronlairig Fault, a feature related in part to the Great Glen and Ericht—Laidon faults, which had been interpreted to result from brittle deformation during the Caledonian orogeny c.

Exposure of this mica-rich gouge represented an exceptional opportunity to constrain the timing of the gouge-producing movement on the Sronlairig Fault using isotopic analysis to date the growth of authigenic essentially synkinematic clay mineralization. A series of fine-size separates was isolated prior to K—Ar analysis. Novel, capillary-encapsulated X-ray diffraction analysis was employed to ensure nearly perfect, random orientation and to facilitate the identification and quantification of mica polytypes.

Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Dating of Calcareous Fault Gouge of the Ushikubi Fault, Central Japan

Exhumation history and landscape evolution of the Sierra de San Luis Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina – new insights from low – temperature thermochronological data. Andean Geology , vol. Thermochronological data indicate no significant exhumation after Cretaceous times, suggesting that sampled rocks were already at or near surface by the Cretaceous or even before.

Fault-gouge dating in the Southern Alps, New Zealand. Description. Select | Print. Author: Ring, Uwe; Uysal, Tonguc; Glodny, Johannes; Cox, Simon; Little, Tim;.

Clay Minerals ; 53 3 : — Radiometric dating of fault gouges has become a useful tool for regional tectonics studies and for exploring and understanding fault and earthquake processes. Methods to define the absolute age of faults achieved a solid scientific foundation almost 25 years ago when the development and application of illite age analysis for investigating sedimentary burial and thermal histories found a new potential application — defining the age of fold-and-thrust development.

These refinements to the methods have improved their application in fold-and-thrust terrains and have opened up applications in normal and strike-slip fault environments. Another important development is the use of absolute dating methods in retrograde clay gouges in which clays in a fault develop from igneous or metamorphic wall rocks that contain no clays.

In addition, the method has also been shown to be useful at dating folds in fold-and-thrust belts. We think the method is now an established part of the geological toolkit, look forward to future fault structural and tectonic studies that incorporate fault ages and hope that researchers continue to probe and discover ways that the method can assist fault process studies, including earthquake fault studies. Shibboleth Sign In.

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